First Aid Box
Prepare for emergencies with our First Aid Box, which is stocked with vital medical materials to give rapid care and assistance in the event of an accident. It is a must product in the healthcare facilities.
Formalin Chamber
The Formalin Chamber is where surgical tools are sterilised. It is made of high-quality acrylic translucent sheet so that the instruments can be plainly seen. Lightweight, clear, corrosion-resistant, and constructed of a high-quality polymer.
The infantometer is intended to measure the length of a baby laying down. As part of monitoring baby growth, the height of a newborn must be measured on a regular basis.
Oxygen Hood
An oxygen hood, often known as a head box, is used for newborns who can breathe on their own but require additional oxygen. It often consists of a gadget that measures the quantity of oxygen the infant is receiving.
The stadiometer is a common measuring device for determining human height. Medical personnel operate this equipment. It is demanded in various hospital and clinical facilities.
X-Ray View Box
The X-ray view box is an important diagnostic tool because it enables healthcare practitioners to appropriately interpret X-ray images in a simple and reliable manner.

Monitor Stand
The monitor stand allows the users to set the screen to a comfortable height and better regulate the distance between your eyes and the screen's angle. This control will also aid the user's neck, shoulders, and back.
Disinfection Soaking Tray
A Disinfection Soaking Tray is a specialised tray that is primarily used to disinfect and sterilise various things. It is utilized to give a simple and efficient soaking solution in order to remove of germs, bacteria.

Muac Tape
MUAC tapes are medical equipment used to identify pregnancy malnutrition. It is a dependable method of MUAC testing that is used by all levels of health professionals.
Cable Termination Rack
Cable Termination Racks are intended to attach cable organisers for correct horizontal and vertical cabling and patch cord routing, making them extremely handy for cable management. It is only intended for cable termination in trains and metros.
Museum Specimen Jar
We deal in Museum Specimen Jars, which come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be used for a variety of specimens such as plants, insects, tiny animals, and fluid specimens.

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